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We are a well established and experienced provider of custom awards, promotional and recognition products and have been serving Moncton, St. John, Halifax and the Maritimes for over 25 years. 

Celebrating 25 years of Premium Awards and Recognition productsOur genuine commitment to providing the best service and the best quality products help us develop many satisfied customers, some of whom are still will us from we started 25 years ago.

When you need a special product or award to meet your specific needs, Premium Awards & Recognition Ltd is that specialized store that has many options to choose from.

Whether you need a simple generic style award or a unique custom award or keepsake, we have the products and capabilities to meet all your needs for events and occasions. 

Premium Service

We strive to provide the best service with a simple and easy process in designing unique, engaging recognition awards and trophies that you, your clients, employees, and colleagues will appreciate and cherish for years.

Whether you need a simple generic style award or a unique one of a kind custom award or keepsake we have the products and capabilities to meet all your events and or occasions.

Our Product Line

Trophies and Custom Trophies
Custom Awards from Premium Awards and Recognition
Custom Medals for Sports
Custom Title Belts

Our Product Line

Custom Lapel Pins
Keychains, Custom Key Tags and Promotional Keychains

Sports Teams and Club

Here at Premium Awards & Recognition we have a long-standing history of working with the local sporting and events market in Moncton, St. John, Halifax and throughout the Maritimes. There is a very good chance your children or even yourself have some of our custom sports awards at home right now!

We custom make and design awards, medals and trophies for all levels of sports and for all age groups. And we cover all sports and events such as hockey, soccer, baseball, ringette, wrestling, football, basketball, dance, marathons, charity running events, combat sports and even spelunking (OK, we just added this, we do all sports).

Trophies for Sports Teams
Corporate Awards

Corporate and Club Awards

Trophies and awards are a great way to not only recognize great sporting achievements but also many other special moments such as employee performance, service to a club or organization as well an appreciation to your corporate partners.

The Corporate market ie: Achievement awards such as plaques, glass or acrylics, trophies, service pins, nametags, etc.

Promotional and brand recognition market ie: Key chains for car dealerships or service stations as well as realtors and sales agents from many varied business fields.