Anyone who is involved in any type of sporting event knows the commitment and hard work that is involved. When it comes to recognizing this dedication and their accomplishments medals are a great option. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of having a medal around your neck to give that personal sense of achievement.

Whether you are awarding top prizes and achievements or recognizing participation in an event we have the medals to make your event truly special, no matter your budget or your event needs.

Custom Medals for Sports TeamsCustom Medals

When it comes to that personal touch there is nothing more effective than our custom award medals. If you have a specific shape, size or logo that you need your award to portray we customize to all your needs. With our custom medals you can know that the recipients are not only wearing them with pride but also displaying the specific events where they achieved them.

Our custom medals are designed with only your interests in mind and are always made with the look and feel of a quality. We have a wide variety of options here to fit any of your events requirements. So, let us know what you need and we can start on a design idea that works best for you.

Econo Medals

If your event requires a more budget friendly choice than our econo medals are a great choice. You have a variety of options here from keeping it to a simple generic sports medal or adding a touch of customizing to it. Whether you go with a generic sport medal or opt for a blank medal with a custom decal insert, these medals are a great choice for schools or small sports clubs or events.

We do also offer a budget friendly version of our custom medals where you can create your logo or event onto a smaller antique silver finished custom medal. This is a great option for recognizing participation in smaller budget restricted events.

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